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Do AirPods Fit Small Ears?

Headphones are a part of our daily lives. We all use them, whether we are listening to music, need some silence and quiet to process, for work, and for many other reasons.

Yet, with every set of headphones, you want to make sure that they are going to work well and fit well.

AirPods can fit in small ears. Standard AirPods are built in one size and are designed to fit the majority of people’s ears. However, the AirPods Pro model is made with removable and replaceable tips in three sizes to accommodate different ear sizes; the smallest tips fit well in small ears.

AirPods are known for being good quality Bluetooth headphones, and now that you know they can fit into small ears, let’s dive deeper into if they are good for children and if the AirPods Max work as well.

Do AirPods Fit Children’s Ears?

AirPods, regardless of the generation, have a similar size and design.

The smooth and sleek design makes it so they are attractive to the consumer. They are a symbol of popularity and are simply known for being good Bluetooth headphones.

However, this brings up the concern of if they will work for children and others who are outside of the normal size considerations.

AirPods can work for children! It does depend on the size of your child’s ears, but if they fit, then they will work.

If you get AirPods Pros, then you won’t have any problems with sizing, since they have silicone tips that can be changed out.

This change from the original model makes the AirPods Pro customizable in size. The AirPods Pros even have a built-in test just to make sure that they fit well.

Airpods Pro is now available, I have written a comprehensive guide to help you decide if you should choose AirPods or AirPods Pro. There are various pros and cons to both.

This guide will help you decide if AirPods Pro is worth it for your circumstances and needs.

You can read this guide here.

Are AirPods Good For Children?

There are some other concerns besides size with AirPods when it comes to giving them to children. Some other important things to consider are the price, the possibility of losing them, and the possible effects of usage.

The price of AirPods can range from $129-$249 depending on the model.

That is typically pretty pricey for most families. You wouldn’t want to make this purchase more than once, and kids are pretty prone to losing things (especially small things, such as an earbud).

In fact, about 5-7% of revenue from AirPods came from losing a pair or having them stolen. If your child actively loses things, buying these high-end headphones might not be the best decision for you financially.

I have written a guide on tracking reset AirPods. You can read it here.

Another thing to consider is that these are nice headphones that have some powerful audio. If you let your child listen to them for long periods of time or at loud volumes, they could lose some hearing.

One of the great things about AirPods is that they are also technologically advanced.

There are functions you can enable to set a max volume on any of the devices AirPods can connect to. You can also talk to your children and help them understand and set limits for volume or usage, so don’t rule out giving AirPods to your kids just yet!

Do AirPods Max Fit Kids Ears?

Another option that you can use for your kids is to get them AirPods Max.

This model is different than the usual AirPods because it covers your ears and looks more like a normal headset. This brings with it new benefits and concerns.

AirPods Max should fit your child’s ears just fine. One of the selling points Apple promotes is the fact that these headphones are built for a variety of shapes and sizes of heads.

The ear cup shape eases this concern as you don’t have to worry about it fitting in your child’s ear. If it covers your kid’s ear, then you know it will work.

Apple also designed the ear cups so they are individually able to be adjusted to the person. Each piece that promotes good audio is placed in each cup. This means your child is getting the best quality audio possible.

The ears are also designed to have noise-canceling options and transparency. This means that if your child is sensitive to noise, you can use these to block out surrounding sounds.

The outside of the headphone also has what they call a digital crown, which operates the headphones outside of the device. That means you can monitor the volume closely outside of setting parental controls on devices.

It can be comforting to know exactly what is happening to your child.

Another benefit of AirPods Max is that it is much easier to keep track of them. They are much larger than the standard AirPods, which makes it substantially harder to leave them somewhere and lose them!

This doesn’t guarantee that your child wouldn’t leave them somewhere, but it does make it much harder to lose than two tiny pieces that can be set down and lost behind or in furniture.

The main concern with this model is the fact that they are significantly more expensive than AirPods. The AirPods Max can be found for $549.

This is double what the AirPods Pro costs. This is quite an investment for a child!

There are alternatives within and outside of Apple, but whether that is a path that you choose to take is completely up to you!

Check out this YouTube video that shows the improved fit of AirPods pro.

Can You Return AirPods If They Don’t Fit in Ears?

You can return your AirPods!

There are a few different aspects to be mindful of regarding returns.

Apple’s return policy is that if you bought the AirPods directly from Apple (either in a store or online), you can return the product within 14 days of purchase, and you return all aspects of the purchase such as charging cords and other pieces that came with your AirPods.

If you fit these requirements, then you can return them!

The return process is pretty simple.

All you have to do is go to an Apple store location and work with an employee or go through the process online.

The online process involves you going to the website, logging into your account, looking at your most recent orders, and selecting the product you want to return. Then you follow the directions from there! You will end up printing a return label and mailing it back to them.