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Can Airpods Break If Dropped?

Since its introduction in 2016, Apple’s AirPods have quickly become the most popular variety of wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Their sound quality and convenient design are undeniable, but there are some questions surrounding their durability.

Can AirPods break if dropped?

As a general rule, AirPods will not break if they are dropped. This is because Apple designed the earbuds so that the inner components are protected by a robust outer plastic chassis so that they can withstand the inevitable rigors of everyday use.

Despite to impressive durability of AirPods, there are some reports of them being damaged after they have been dropped by users.

This may simply be down to bad luck, or it could be a result of poor maintenance of the earbuds.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a closer look at whether AirPods are likely to break if dropped, and how you can prevent this from happening.

How Durable are AirPods?

Dropping AirPods is an easy mistake to make, especially due to the wireless design of the Apple earbuds. Unlike conventional wired headphones, AirPods have no cables to break their fall if they slip out of your ear or accidentally dropped from your grasp.

It’s therefore understandable that AirPod users would be concerned about whether they are likely to break if they are dropped. These earbuds are quite expensive, with a price tag that reflects their quality, so breaking them is something that users want to avoid.

When designing AirPods, Apple considered the fact that they could be dropped due to their wireless design. While having no wires is certainly convenient for mobility and storage, it does make the earbuds more susceptible to being dropped.

While there has been no official statement from Apple regarding AirPods resistance to being dropped, when we analyze their design it’s clear that they’ve taken measures to make them more robust.

Firstly, because AirPods are so lightweight, when they are dropped the force with which they collide with a surface is minimized. This limits the potential for the inner components to be displaced or damaged by the collision.

In addition to their lightweight design, AirPods have a durable plastic coating that protects the important inner components from damage. This plastic housing is thick enough to effectively shield the electrical components in the earbuds, but not overly substantial so that it doesn’t add unnecessary weight to the AirPod.

  • There are bound to be some cases where AirPod users are unlucky, and dropping the earbuds does indeed cause them to break. In the majority of cases, however, you can expect your AirPods to survive being dropped.

The height from which the AirPods are dropped will have an impact on whether any damage is caused. For example, it’s highly unlikely that they will break if you drop them from the waist of around 3 ft, especially if this is onto a soft surface such as a carpet or grass.

The chances of them breaking are increased if you drop them from head height of around 5-6ft, especially if they land on concrete, wooden flooring, or some other hard surface.

Still, nine times out of then the plastic coating should do its job and protect the inner components from damage. If the AirPods are already slightly damaged, then dropping them could be the nail in the coffin, so to speak.

Most users who note dropping their AirPods report that no damage was caused, even if they did so multiple times on hard surfaces. Providing you don’t step on them after they’ve been dropped, there’s a very good chance they’ll survive with no noticeable or lasting issues.

Are AirPods Waterproof?

Another important concern of AirPods users is whether the earbuds are waterproof. Although it’s unlikely that AirPods will be dropped in water, there’s a slim chance that this could happen.

When analyzing the technical specifications of AirPods and AirPods Pro, I discovered that the former doesn’t have a water-resistance rating, while the Pro version is rated ‘IPX4’. This essentially means that the AirPods Pro can handle small amounts of water or sweat.

Furthermore, you must try to avoid submerging AirPods in water. If this does occur accidentally, there’s a good chance that the AirPods will survive if you take them out of the water quickly and allow them to dry out completely before attempting to use them again.

Apple has installed a screen inside the grill of the AirPods, which is water-resistant. This is a clever move on their part, as it makes it harder for water to penetrate the earbud and damage the electrical components.

If you have dropped your AirPods in the water, there are some measures you can take to limit the damage. The most important thing is to dry the inner components thoroughly before you use the AirPods again.

To do this, you can wipe them with a dry towel and then place them into an air-tight storage bag with small silica gel pouches, which are great for absorbing the moisture and drying out the AirPods.

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AirPods Max Hinge Explained

One of the high-end versions of Apple’s AirPod range is the AirPods Max. They’re designed to offer stellar sound quality, along with noise cancellation to improve the overall listening experience.

AirPods Max is amongst the most expensive headphones produced by Apple. Therefore, users will be eager to know whether they are robust enough to handle being dropped, or whether they’re likely to break.

Inside the AirPods Max, there are a number of components that Apple has installed. One of these is the electromechanical hinge, which is designed to allow the headphones to move around without causing tension.

A good set of headphones should be able to spin and tilt, but the AirPod Max takes this to another level thanks to the hinge. It is designed to allow the headband to connect to the headphones comfortably, and transmit power from the battery.

Some users report that the hinge can easily become faulty if the AirPods Max is dropped. If this happens, it’s best to contact Apple for assistance and hopefully, they will repair them for you.

  • It can be tempting to try to fix problems with AirPods yourself, but this will void the warranty and may result in it them becoming permanently damaged unless you’re experienced at doing so.

Is the AirPods Case Strong?

AirPods come with a charging case, which also provides valuable protection to the earbuds. This case is a great way to transport your AirPods, without needing to worry about one of them getting misplaced or easily broken.

Thanks to the research in this YouTube video, AirPod users can find the answers to many questions regarding their durability.

The AirPods were put through a washing machine along with their charging case, and amazingly they survived with only some minor diminishments to sound quality.

If you’re wondering whether the AirPods case is strong enough to withstand being dropped, the answer is a certain yes. The case is made from lightweight plastic and has a secure closing mechanism that prevents the AirPods from falling out.

This plastic material provides additional protection to the AirPods when they are inside it, and if you drop the case, it’s highly unlikely that there will be any cosmetic damage.

  • It is possible, however, that the AirPods could come out of the case due to the impact of them being dropped. The case should still provide some protection if this happens though.

The AirPod charging case is a vital component as it supplies the batteries within the headphones with power. It might be a concern that the charging capabilities of the case could be compromised if they are dropped, but again, this is highly unlikely due to the robust yet lightweight design of the case.

Apple’s products tend to be very durable compared to other brands. Most of their recently produced iPhones can withstand being submerged in water, and the only really vulnerable part of them is their glass screens.

You can therefore have the utmost confidence that your AirPods will withstand being dropped and won’t break as a result of everyday use. The case provides another layer of protection which further reinforces their durability.

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This guide will help you decide if AirPods Pro is worth it for your circumstances and needs.

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