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Are Fender Acoustic Guitars Any Good?

Fender, the company that is classically known for its electric guitars, ventured onto the acoustic guitar scene much later than the companies that are now known for their acoustic guitars.

With that, we can guess that they’re not going to be as good as the companies that specialize in acoustic guitars, but should they be considered a contender?

Fender acoustic guitars are a great choice of guitar, especially for beginners. They come in several different colors and unique shapes, are well-built, and they produce a nice sound. However, more advanced guitarists may prefer a different, more established acoustic guitar brand.

Below we will talk about Fender’s acoustic guitars and whether or not they are worth the money.

The History Behind Fender’s Acoustic Guitars

Fender began their production of acoustic guitars in the 1960s.

While many companies focused on creating their acoustic guitars to be played on stage, Fender was determined to build a guitar with the sole focus of letting people have fun.

Their campaigns for these guitars emphasized throwing them in the car and bringing them down to the beach, playing them at a local coffee shop, or strumming out a melody with friends around a campfire.

Fender’s goal was to create solidly built, good-sounding, and cool-looking instruments above all else.

That was where Roger Rossmeisl, a former Rickenbacker guitar designer and builder, came in. He told Leo Fender that he was ready to start working for him.

  • A surprised Fender accepted, and from 1962-1963, Rossmeisl helped Fender manufacture their first acoustic guitars: the King, the Concert, the Club, and the Folk.

Unfortunately, their excitement about these guitars was short-lived.

By 1971, all models were discontinued, much to Fender’s dismay. Their dream to get into the acoustic guitar market was revitalized in 1990 when Fender started offering its California series, Gemini series, and F-series guitars.

In 1993, the SX series and the Telecoustic series guitars were introduced. In 1995 the DG and Spring Hill models were unveiled. By 1996, Fender had released the DG, CG, JG, BG, GC, and the BG-29 (the first acoustic bass guitar model).

Many of these acoustic guitars are still in circulation today, including Fender’s California Series acoustic guitars.

These guitars have distinct body shapes and Stratocaster headstocks, and they come in several vibrant colors. You could say that Fender did indeed achieve their goal: they created a solidly built, good-sounding, and cool-looking instrument that allows many people to have fun while playing their guitar.

How Long Do Fender Acoustics Last?

Fender acoustic guitars last between 10-30 years. However, oftentimes Fender acoustic guitars last longer than 30 years, especially if they are well taken care of and maintained.

Make sure you maintain your guitar.

Keep it clean, keep the strings tuned, and put it away in its case when you are not using it. If you are not comfortable cleaning and tuning your guitar, have a professional do so. If you treat it well, then your guitar will treat you well.

Other famous acoustic guitar brands claim that their guitars last much longer than 30 years. In fact, C. F. Martin & Company, or Martin Guitars, say that their guitars won’t even start sounding their best until they are 40 years old!

But they have been making acoustic guitars since 1833, so it makes sense that their guitars will last much longer than Fender’s acoustic guitars will.

Best Fender Acoustic Guitars

To find the best acoustic guitar for you, you first have to determine your own skill level.

If you are an extremely advanced guitar player, you may want to look elsewhere for an acoustic guitar. This isn’t to say that Fender guitars aren’t great, because they are great guitars, but because Fender hasn’t been producing acoustic guitars for as long as other companies, their guitars don’t quite hit the mark when it comes to finding the most advanced guitars.

Fender’s acoustic guitars are designed specifically to help people have fun. They are not necessarily made to be played by professional guitar players.

If you are just getting started with playing guitar, you don’t want the most expensive or the most complicated guitar. You will want to stick with the basics. That said, you don’t want to go to the cheapest guitar you can find because it won’t last very long and will easily go out of tune.

Fender’s CC60 is a great acoustic guitar for beginners; it has a nice, thin neck that smaller hands can get around easily, and it is well-made.

Some more great guitars that Fender produces include the Newporter series guitars, as well as the newer Acoustasonic guitars. These guitars have a wonky shape, but they’re so much fun, and they produce great sound.

Take a look at this YouTube video below to learn more about the best Fender guitars.

Best Fender Acoustic Guitar With Pickup

Fender doesn’t seem to have acoustic guitars that come pre-installed with a pickup.

However, Fender does sell pickups separately, like this Cypress Single-Coil Acoustic Soundhole Pickup.

This specific pickup is $59.99 on Fender’s website, however, you may be able to find it for less on another site or from an independent seller. Fender has also produced instructional videos to show you just how to install the pickup on your guitar.

Are Fender Acoustic Guitars Good Guitars?

Fender guitars are known to be good guitars—it’s a guarantee when you buy a guitar that bears the Fender name. However, this isn’t because of their acoustic guitars, no matter how good they are.

Fender received its reputation because of its success with electric guitars.

They haven’t been producing acoustic guitars for as long as electric guitars. While their acoustic guitars aren’t bad, they may not be the best choice for advanced guitarists.

Where Are Fender Acoustic Guitars Made?

Most Fender guitars are manufactured in either Mexico or China, but one of their newest acoustic guitars, the American Acoustasonic Series Telecaster, is being manufactured in the California factory. It is the first Fender acoustic guitar that is being made in the U.S. in almost 50 years!

Fender has offices all over the world in the USA, England, France, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, and Japan. A few of their factories are located in Corona, California, and Ensenada, Mexico.