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How Long Can A Speakon Cable Be? Here’s The Truth

You may have been to a concert in the past and had the awkward experience of an amp accidentally getting unplugged.

I don’t know about you, but I would hate for this to happen to me as it would be embarrassing and could even damage the equipment that I have paid a lot of money for.

A growing fix to this problem is to switch over to using a type of cable called “Speakon.” Switching to Speakon cables can be a big move, but here are some things you may want to consider before making that switch.

Speakon cables can range anywhere from 6 inches to 50 feet. Although you can buy cables up to 50 feet in length, it is probably best to invest in a cable that is somewhere between 20-25 feet. Cables longer than this may reduce the quality of your sound.

Speakon cables can be a great resource and can help you put out the best sound for your specific needs.

You may have some more questions when it comes to switching to a Speakon cable for your sound system. I have talked to a specialist from Crutchfield, a company specializing in audio and video technology, and have come up with some helpful information that may answer some of your questions.

What Is A Speakon Cable?

The “Speakon” cable was originally manufactured by the company Neutrik.

Although these cables were first manufactured by Neutrik, other companies also make and sell these types of cables. Speakon cables can be used in many different capacities, but today it is mainly used for large sound systems or to connect an amplifier to a speaker.

Speakon cables are very popular with artists or people who run events using large speakers.

The Speakon cable is designed to allow security and support to the cable. Unlike other cables, the Speakon cable has an interwoven locking system that locks the connecter into place so that it will not get accidentally unplugged.

  • The connectors can be changed in and out by simply twisting the connector.

This allows for movement which can be especially helpful when being used in a setting where there may be a lot of movement. Having wires pulled out of their connection abruptly can not only be embarrassing, but it can also be very damaging to your equipment.

The design of the Speakon cable will allow you to move more freely and will give you peace of mind.

Speakon cables can also be a great option if you plan to use a sound system outside. Because of the locking system, the material used to connect will not be as susceptible to the elements.

If you use other types of cables you may begin to see rust or water damage on your connectors. Speakon cables are built to protect your equipment. Speakon cables can be a great option when it comes to durability.

Keeping rust and water off of your equipment can be very difficult and the locking system will be a huge blessing to you that will allow you to focus on what is actually important.

You may pay a little bit more for Speakon cables and connectors, but if you are serious about producing good quality sound, it may be worth the extra money you pay for these durable and secure products.

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Will Speakon Cables Affect The Sound Quality?

Speakon cables generally should not affect the quality of your sound a great deal. However, Speakon cables have the ability to conduct a “high level of electrical current” (source) making them better able to produce high-quality sound, especially in a more professional setting.

Many professional sound people, use Speakon cables and connectors because it provides them with better quality sound and it will not affect your sound when plugging them in or taking them out. (source)

In a forum online, people even mentioned that Speakon cables of different brands tend to have the same Audio quality. (source) There does not seem to be much of a difference between cables bought from “off-brand” or Neutrik. However, you may want to be careful buying “off-brand” cables as they may not actually be the type of cable you are looking for.

For people planning to use Speakon cables in a more professional setting, it will probably increase the quality of your sound, however, if you are just the casual Rockstar, jamming out to music at home or a party, you may not see as much of a difference when it comes to sound quality.

Are Speakon Cables Universal?

Unless you specifically have a speaker system that is compatible with Speakon connectors, you may have to do some work to set your system up.

You may also be able to find adapters online that will allow you to connect Speakon cables with other types of cables and connectors.

Here is a video I found that might be helpful if you find yourself needing to install Speakon connectors yourself.

Are There Different Types Of Speakon Connections?

If you are looking online you may notice that many of the Speakon cables have numbers that tell you how many “poles” they have. This has mainly to do with the type of connection you are plugging your cable into.

For larger speakers, it is likely that you will need an 8 pole Speakon cable, but it is best to check your connection before buying your cable.

How Much Should I Plan to Pay for a Speakon Cable and Connector?

The answer to this question is going to depend greatly on how long you want the cable to be and if you choose to buy from Neutrik or some other “off-brand.”

You should probably plan to spend anywhere between $15-$75 just for the equipment and if you need to install connectors to your sound system you may have to pay more to have someone come in to do that work. You can save some money by learning how to do the installation yourself as I mentioned previously.

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