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Can You Pair Anker Speakers Together?

In just over a decade, Anker has risen to the forefront of the electronics market. They produce a range of devices, including power banks, soundbars, headphones, and wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Can you pair Anker speakers together?

It is possible to pair the Anker SoundCore Flare or the Mini 2 speakers together, to create a wireless stereo connection. For older models of Anker speakers, pairing them is possible, but more complicated.

Pairing Anker speakers together allows you to enjoy audio in stereo, as opposed to mono.

This means that the stereo field will be widened so that the panning of certain sounds within an audio file will cause them to be played more prominently in one of the speakers.

If your Anker speakers don’t facilitate wireless pairing, you will need to either use a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver or a splitter device with two aux cables.

In this guide, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of the best method for you to use.

Pairing Anker Speakers Together

Along with their impressive sound quality and stylish designs, Anker speakers are renowned for their advanced features.

  • If you own multiple Bluetooth speakers made by Anker, there is a good chance that you can pair them together by using an innovative feature known as Total Wireless Pairing.

Why would you want to pair two Anker speakers together?

Well, there are several benefits that this could potentially offer. Firstly, you get to enjoy music or other audio in stereo rather than mono. This means that the different instruments or sounds will be spread out over the stereo field, creating a more immersive listening experience.

Panning is used by mixing engineers to cause certain sounds to play through one speaker, either exclusively or more prominently than the other.

This makes the listener feel like the sounds are positioned in a certain way. For example, the guitars in a song may be panned to be more prominent in the left speaker, while the vocals may be panned slightly to the right.

If you’re using a single Anker speaker, the audio will be played in mono.

This restricts the impact of the panning, and the stereo field appears narrower. While some people enjoy the sound of a mono speaker, it can cause a lack of clarity and definition of the different sounds. 

Another reason to use the Total Wireless Pairing with more than one Anker speaker is that it will ultimately provide you with more volume. The two speakers will combine to create an overall louder output, which is ideal if you want to play music at a party or in a large space.

As I previously mentioned, pairing two Anker speakers wirelessly is only possible on some of the newer models.

The older models, which rely on wired connections, can still be paired together, but it will require you to purchase some additional equipment and will take longer than simply forming the connection wirelessly.

Can Bluetooth Speakers Be Linked To Each Other?

Not all Bluetooth speakers can be linked to each other. Many of the speakers in Anker’s Soundcore range can be paired using their Total Wireless Pairing feature, but many other Bluetooth speakers do not have this capability.

Bluetooth 5 allows you to connect up to two devices at one time.

Check out this YouTube video that shows the differences in Bluetooth versions.

While this standard of wireless connectivity is not used by many manufacturers, it is expected to become more common in the next few years.

Linking two Bluetooth speakers together is easy if the device you’re streaming the audio from facilitates this. For example, anyone who uses a Samsung device to stream audio can use the “Dual Audio” feature to use two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously.

Any smartphones including and after the Samsung S8 have the dual audio mode, which makes it easy to stream audio to two separate Bluetooth speakers.

This mode can be found in the settings menu, under the connections tab, and in the advanced section of the Bluetooth menu.

Likewise, the Bose Connect app can be used on any iOS or Android device to link a pair of SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speakers. Other manufacturers like JBL, HomePod, and Ultimate Ears also provide simple methods for connecting two of their speakers via Bluetooth.

Anker’s Total Wireless Pairing feature is, in my opinion, one of the best and easiest methods for connecting two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously.

Check out this YouTube video that shows how to pair two Anker Soundcore speakers.

How to Pair Anker Soundcore Speakers

Setting up Total Wireless Pairing is simple. This will allow you to pair two Anker Soundcore speakers together so that the audio can be enjoyed in stereo rather than mono.

The first thing you need to do is pair one of the Anker Soundcore speakers with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This will require you to find the button for Bluetooth pairing on the speaker and connect it using the settings menu on your chosen device.

The Anker Soundcore speaker must be turned on for the device to connect to it via Bluetooth. Once you’ve found the first speaker and connected it to your phone or another device, test the connection by playing audio.

If it is coming through the speaker, you can now move on to connecting the second Soundcore device.

  • Anker Soundcore speakers can be paired either manually, or by using the Soundcore App.

The former method is probably more difficult, but I’ll explain how to do it anyway. Firstly, after pairing one speaker, turn on the second one. Once it is turned on, press the Bluetooth button on the first speaker and hold it down for around 5 seconds.

Then, do the same on the second Bluetooth speaker. When you release the Bluetooth button on this speaker, it should start to flash at a fast pace.

This should then trigger the two Soundcore speakers to automatically pair. Depending on the exact model, the speaker will flash a certain color when the connection is made.

Both of the Bluetooth buttons on the speakers should then be permanently lit up, indicating that they have successfully been paired together. You can now control the levels, EQ, and other features on either speaker.

Alternatively, you can link two Anker Soundcore speakers using the Soundcore app. The app can be downloaded either in the Android store or from Apple’s App Store.

Once the Soundcore app has been installed on your device, you simply need to turn on both speakers and find them in the listed devices within the app.

The Soundcore app should automatically find the two paired speakers and the Total Wireless Pairing feature will be activated. You can then use the various controls to adjust different aspects of the audio playback from both speakers.

Which Anker Speakers Can Be Paired Together

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to pair all of Anker’s speakers together using the method I’ve outlined in this guide. Any of the Soundcore models released in recent years will be compatible with Total Wireless Pairing, but older versions may lack this feature.

In the table below, you can find a breakdown of the Anker speakers which can be linked together using Total Wireless Pairing.

ModelReleasedTotal Wireless Pairing
Soundcore Mini2017No
Soundcore 32021Yes
Soundcore Motion Boom2018Yes
Soundcore 22017No
Soundcore Flare2018Yes
Soundcore Flare +2019Yes
Soundcore Flare S+2020Yes
Soundcore Model Zero2019Yes
Table of Anker speakers that can be paired.

As you can see from the list, many of the Soundcore speakers that were released after 2018 can be paired together using the Total Wireless Pairing feature. Older models, released in 2017 or before, generally used aux connections.

It is possible to connect two older Anker speakers, either by using an aux adapter or by using a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver.

Aux adapters allow you to split the wired connection so that the signal can be sent to more than one speaker. This can also be done with headphones.

A Bluetooth transmitter essentially creates a wireless connection even if the device does not have built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

If you own an older Anker speaker but would still like to pair them together, or if you own one made by a different manufacturer, you can use these alternative methods.

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