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10 Facts You Should Know About The Ukulele (All Strung Together)

The ukulele is one of the most interesting string instruments around, and there are many attributes to it that make it truly unique. There is simply no other instrument that is quite like the ukulele. To prove that this instrument is something to admire, here are 10 facts you should know about the Ukulele.

Each ukulele string has a different thickness. It can’t use classical guitar strings, but it can play piano charts. It can be played with a guitar, but it uses unique chord shapes. Binding and stickers that are placed on it don’t affect its tone. It can use a capo and doesn’t require batteries.

Let’s look at a few interesting attributes of this unique instrument. These are 10 facts that you should know about the ukulele, whether you are an experienced player or you are just starting out on your ukulele journey.

Are Ukulele Strings Different Thicknesses

Ukulele strings are unique to the instrument. There are no other string instruments that have the same string configuration as the ukulele, and therefore it has a very unique string set.

Ukulele strings are different thicknesses. The thickest string is the lowest in pitch, which is the C string. Next are the E and A strings, and the thinnest string on the ukulele is the highest in pitch, which is the G string. The thinnest string is the top string on the ukulele.

Each string on the ukulele is a different thickness. This is because each string is a different pitch, and the thicker the string, the lower the note that the open string produces.

Can You Use Classical Guitar Strings On Ukulele?

Ukulele strings and classical guitar strings appear to be very similar, especially the all-nylon strings that are present on a classical guitar. This may have led you to ask, “can you use classical guitar strings on a ukulele?”

Classical guitar strings can not be used on a ukulele. Even the thinnest nylon string for a classical guitar is too thick and holds too much tension to be used on a ukulele. Ukulele strings are specifically designed for the ukulele, and no other string will do.

Ukulele strings are made from only nylon or nylon blends, as are the high three strings on a classical guitar. This may create the impression that these strings are interchangeable.

The truth is that while the strings for a classical guitar are similar to ukulele strings, the strings that are designed for the ukulele are very thin and relatively elastic when compared to classical guitar strings.

This means that the thicker, more rigid classical guitar strings will cause damage if they are installed on the much smaller ukulele.

Can You Use Piano Sheet Music For Ukuleles?

The ukulele is a versatile instrument, but it has a very limited range due to its size, and most players read sheet music from ukulele tabs. Can you use piano sheet music for ukuleles?

You can use piano sheet music for ukuleles, but not all piano charts are applicable for the ukulele. Pianos sheet music that has chords or that has a melody written in a high enough register for the ukulele to play can be used for ukuleles.

Pianos and ukuleles have a very different note range. The ukulele primarily exists in the high range, while the piano covers a vast note range, including very low notes.

This means that a ukulele can use piano sheet music, so long as the written notes are in a register that can be played on the ukulele. Otherwise, they will have to be transposed up into notes that can be played by this instrument.

Does Putting Stickers On A Ukulele Affect The Sound?

The ukulele is a fun instrument, and many players may like to customize their ukulele to reflect their own personal style. Does putting stickers on a ukulele affect the sound?

Putting stickers on a ukulele does not affect the sound of the instrument unless the stickers cover the sound hole. Putting stickers on a ukulele will not negatively affect the tone, but they may potentially damage the finish on the ukulele.

Stickers may damage the finish in the ukulele, so it is best to only use stickers on an inexpensive ukulele.

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Can Ukulele And Guitar Play Together?

Both the ukulele and the guitar are string instruments that are played in a very similar way. Can ukulele and guitar play together?

Ukulele and guitar can play together. Both of these instruments are very versatile, and they can play in any key. The guitar and the ukulele are very complimentary, as they produce very similar tones and sounds. As long as the two instruments play in the same key, the guitar and the ukulele will sound very good together.

Can You Use A Capo On A Ukulele?

A capo is a great asset for other stringed instruments such as guitars, but can you use a capo on ukulele?

You can use a capo on ukulele. There are specialized capos that are designed to be used on capos, and they function and perform the same way as guitar capos do. When using a capo on ukulele, it is important to use one that is designed for a ukulele.

It is imperative to use a capo that is made to be used on the ukulele. Otherwise, you may risk damaging the instrument. 

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Do Ukuleles Need A Battery?

You may have seen some ukulele players placing a battery into their instrument, leading you to wonder, “do ukuleles need a battery?”

Ukuleles only need a battery if they have a built-in tuner, pre-amp, or pickup. Apart from these optional features, the ukulele is an entirely acoustic instrument and does not require a battery to function.

Ukuleles do not require a battery unless they have some type of built-in feature such as a tuner that requires power.

Does Ukulele Binding Make A Difference?

The binding on a ukulele seems to be different on every model. Does ukulele binding make a difference?

The binding on a ukulele does not make a real difference in tone, but it can indicate the overall quality of the instrument. Low-quality or poorly made ukuleles may require thick binding to hide poorly crafted joins and build quality.

Binding does not directly affect tone, but it can be used to conceal poor craftsmanship.

Do Ukulele Strings Break Easily?

The strings on a ukulele are very thin, which may lead you to wonder, do ukulele strings break easily?

Ukulele strings do not break easily. As with all string instruments, the strings will only break if they are old, played aggressively, or if they are installed incorrectly. Look after your ukulele strings, and they will not easily break with normal use.

Ukulele strings are thin, but if they are installed correctly and taken care of, they will not break especially easily compared to the strings on other instruments.

Are Ukulele And Guitar Chords The Same?

The guitar and the ukulele are very similar instruments in appearance, but are they the same in practice? Are ukulele and guitar chords the same?

The tuning of the Ukulele, Guitar, and the layout of the strings means that the chords on the ukulele and guitar are not played in the same way. The same chords can be played, but the finger positions are very different.

The same chords can be played on the ukulele and the guitar because the same notes exist on the two instruments, but the execution of the chords and finger placement is vastly different between the two instruments.


The ukulele is unlike any other instrument out there. This instrument is unique and interesting. 

The more you play this instrument and the deeper you go into its capabilities, the more you will find that it’s in a league of its own.